Dating in your 30’s

This is too good not to blog about! So I have been gradually decreasing my online presence when it comes to social media dating, I have completely gotten rid of EHarmony and OKCupid and now onward to Match.

But before I closed the account with Match I wanted to let my subscription run out from my 6 months free guarantee. My ex boyfriend’s friend found me and messaged me. I knew it was his friend as I have previously met him and in the third profile picture there my ex-boyfriend is posing with his friend. I did indeed message him back to be nice and come to find out he messaged me back and asked me who “brian” was? I told him that he posed with his best friend on the bottom left in the 3rd profile photo (no guy is going to mess with me like that), he then replies “you spelled Bryin’s name wrong” which lead me to think man dating in your 30’s is rough as guys are such smart alikes in my generation~

Next date, Friday as I am busy with work, the doctor whom I had gone out on a date with about a month ago and never called me back (Air Force guy who just wanted to have fun even though it lead me to believe he wanted something serious) decided that he wanted to add me on SnapChat. I get a friend request to add him back (now let me know if I am wrong here) but I decided to text him, (surprising as I still had his number), I accidentally uploaded the wrong screenshot (proof he wanted to add me as a friend on SnapChat). I sent him my Kohls Bill. oops! Let’s just say I messed up and decided to continue this texting journey and sent him the right screenshot and asked why he meant to friend me in which he replied he did not mean to friend me but he simply thought I had friended him. Seriously! His last text to me was to go ahead and delete the friend request. What are your thoughts on this?

Dating in your 30’s is definitely interesting. More to come.

I have decided to solely use Bumble at this time. So far no dates, but I am optimistic, my friend has already gone on 5 dates in a span of 2 weeks!? I figured if it works for her it should work for me right?


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