Beauty Blogger, what it means to me!


Good Morning,

Thank you so much for all who have subscribed to my blog. I am very thankful and lucky to have grown my followers from 1 to 28 now! Woohoo! I started this blog with thanks to my friend who said my New Years resolution should be to blog about my life. To include my dating life. I really enjoy blogging and connecting with fellow beauty bloggers and see what they have to say and it is with great pleasure I have learned it does take a lot to put yourself out there for everyone to see. I have a small business myself, and learning the ins and outs of business as well as connecting with makeup has been my passion. I love going to work and having ladies ask me about how to apply my makeup and how I did my eyeshadow look of the day. This is what beauty should be about. Empowering others!

Since, today, is Father’s Day! It reminds me of my Dad who has always been there for me when I have grown my small business. He has helped me see that strong work, dedication, and never giving up can make you the person you are today! I am grateful to have him as my mentor. Granted, at first he didn’t understand makeup and I doubt he still does today, but through him I have learned that perseverance is what makes us stronger!

I am not sure if you guys knew this but I have always wanted to be a cheerleader, so in highschool my friend and I auditioned, and man it was not something you see on TV. My friend excelled and I was having a hard time keeping up with the dance moves and choreography. But I stuck through it, audition after audition. My friend ended up becoming a cheerleader and got on the team, but I did not. I was heartbroken at that time as I knew I would never become a cheerleader. However, my dad told me that day when he went to pick me up, “when one door closes another will open.” I ended up becoming an EMT and my after school time was fulfilled by the medical program and all the facets of helping others! ❤ *update: even though my friend got on the cheerleading team she ended up dropping out, as I eventually learned, she only did it for me and wanted to spend her time hanging out with friends after school*

-<3 sweetfunlovinlashes


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