Maggie crossed the rainbow bridge today….


Today I lost my best friend and forever companion. Let me tell you why I am deciding to blog about her, she was the reason I decided to become a Younique presenter. She frequently wanted her share in the spotlight while I was filming makeup videos. Maggie was rescued by me at an animal shelter, she had been left out in the hot summer heat. I decided in college that I needed to start taking care of someone other than myself and adopted her on the spot. She taught me how to take care of her, she would yip at me to give her attention, when I was sad she was right there by the door when I got home, when it came to feeding her she would frequently play with her treats, and she was always by my side.

She had a host of problems as she got older but it never seemed to bother her enough to where she would wag her tail and smile at me when I got home. She would walk up to me and show me compassion despite the compassion that was not given to her earlier in life. I adopted her when she was 5 years old and had her until she was 13 years old. She lived a long happy healthy life and loved her humans, she even started to warm up to men after they began to show her compassion. She loved any and everyone.

Few people know this but the picture on the upper right hand corner is a model pose she would do for me when I asked her to “model” for pictures. She became a celebrity in dog photos and even local companies loved how she modeled. She loved other dogs and sometimes cats although she didn’t understand how they pee in a litter box? My fondest memory of her is every morning when I would get up to go to work we had a routine, she would wait outside the shower sitting patiently waiting for me. When it came time to getting dressed she would hide in the closet and pop out when I had my outfit ready. When applying my makeup routine she would sit patiently on the bed waiting for me to finish and then when it was time to leave for work she would wait by the door until I got back. Always sitting by the door waiting for me. She went peacefully towards the rainbow bridge and will forever be missed. It is never easy to lose a loved one especially when you have to make the decision for them.

Maggie I hope you are playing with all the other dogs in heaven. You are certainly showing them how to smile like you did for me!


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