Dating in your 30’s

Dating in my 30’s has been anything but normal. I have found that men do not value a woman who is smart, independent, and may have a higher degree in education than them. I recently signed up for after speculation of the various sites. I have gone on plenty of dates and in this decade it seems like men want a woman who is dependant and not independent. Our decade seems like they are into personal growth but for woman it is having babies and for men it seems that they are the main breadwinner. It is hard for a woman to both be successful in their career and raise a family as it tends to lean more one way than another.

I really like this quote from @singleswag Single Swag


However, I went on a date recently with a guy who values my education and my philosophy on life and the ability for a woman to be career focused and want it all so to speak. We have spent hours talking about healthcare, politics, news, and computer systems to name a few. Even talking about the future and 401K and health insurance which are top on my list! My education is valued and I am not afraid to speak up when it comes to my beliefs and values.

My point of this blog is to just say I realize there are many nights my fellow single gals feel like they want to “settle” with the next Joe Schmo but at the same time realize there is someone out there for everyone if one decides to but if not there is nothing wrong with being single in this generation. I wish I had received this piece of dating advice when I was younger but my mom has always told me to “go out there” and “be who you want to be” as no one should dictate that, we are who we are because of our friends, values, and beliefs.


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