2 New Products: Epic Mascara & Esteem Lash Serum

You are going to want to look at this article! Younique has launched 2 new products to the Younique family and it is all about eyelashes and mascara! Our esteem lash serum is designed to naturally lengthen those eyelashes and add va-va voom, a great tip I have found when applying this serum is from the middle of the eyelash root to tip and not the very beginning of the eyelid as it may burn the eye. I apply this esteem lash serum nightly and then start my day by applying our Epic Mascara! The change with this mascara is that it is one tube instead of 2. I was skeptical at first but look at my personal results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really like that with 2 applications of our Epic mascara, my eyelashes were lash-tastic!

These products will be available August 1. As presenters we got to order ahead of time. If you are interested being on my pre-order list please join my VIP group! Thanks!

Facebook VIP Group for Pre-Orders



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