The link above is a link to Ebates. I found Ebates through a beauty blogger named Thataylaa who is known for her 14/15 days of foundation videos on YouTube. At first I was skeptical of this kind of sharing but then after installing the app and going through the profile set up they only ask for a PayPal to transfer the money to you. Such stores that I tend to shop at regularly include:

  • Sephora
  • Ulta
  • DressBarn
  • Maurice’s
  • WalMart
  • Target

They add over a ton of stores. Kohl’s gets you a whopping 6% back! These are items you already purchase similar to a credit card, you get a percentage back for shopping at a store you already are shopping at. Only online. Ebates does offer in store cash back, I set a lot of my favorite stores like Express, and for shopping in store you earn 2-3% cash back depending on the store. They do offer double cash back.

I now understand this shopping online and getting money back! Can’t wait to receive my next PayPal transfer. Great for beauty bloggers, online clothes buyers (I am short, petite and have curves so I am forced to shop online for clothes), and anyone who wants to earn cash back on stores they already purchase through.



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