The Truth About Second Chances….

I would have never guessed how my day would go just simply by the choices I make. Let me tell you the interesting reason behind why the title of this blog is second chances. You never know when you may run into someone you know out and about and at your favorite Subway restaurant. Well it happened to me. I wanted to stop by my favorite Subway shop for lunch this week. Thursday is BMT day and that happens to be my favorite sub of the day, well on this day, I was surrounded by people who wanted the same deal.

I walk in hangry, (hungry and angry), and see this cute guy in front of me. I lean forward to get a glimpse of his face. Low and behold it is one of the guys I dated 2 years ago. He didn’t notice me and I daydreamed how long it would take him to recognize me and my loud voice as I order my special of the day. Well it was almost instantaneous. He remembered my name and how much I loved my dog Maggie who passed away. He remembered my likes/dislikes and it was a nice airy feeling.

The point of this blog post….take the time to think about what could happen cause you never know when you will run into that ONE special person again and get a chance to rewrite history.


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