Dave & Busters: Event Planning

Hi Guys! Here is an example of my most recent event I planned for my friend’s baby shower. She didn’t want to have a baby shower due to all the games. So it was suggested by her family to use Dave and Busters (please hold snarky comments). I had a month to plan this event. No photo description available.No photo description available.


No photo description available.My first step was getting the number of guests for the event, setting up a FB event, getting registry information and lastly time and date.

Setting up the event via FB: most of our friends are on FB so we used the FB event to put all the necessary information as well as making sure the links for the registries worked and guests knew when to RSVP by.

Once I had this information I went ahead and spoke to an event planner at Dave and Busters. The breakdown of costs as follows:

  • $250 for 3 hours
  • 3 party platters to be ordered instead of having a buffet ($50 each)

I went ahead and ordered decorations for this baby shower to spice up the room:

  • Decorations for the event $200
    • Oriental trading had great decorations and party favors to include a guestbook which was actually a posterboard to be hung up later
      • Bubbles
      • Selfie Sticks (party favorite)
      • Banners
    • Etsy, ordered hand sanitizer labels $6 and customized for the event
    • Dollar Tree, balloons (went the day of to attain) 1 hour max
    • Etsy, ordered Diaper Raffle tickets $4-6
  • Ordering a Cake: make sure you arrange this! 2-3 weeks ahead of time and be clear and concise with the information.

Things learned via Dave and Busters: Make sure you ask the server the best way to reach them throughout the night as we had a cake to cut and no silverware and plates. Ask about the room!



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