Event Planning 101: What I have learned…

If you have friends that are getting married, having kids, or would like help with their birthday set up for an event it does not start and stop with Facebook events. Here are some top things I have learned with event planning….

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

  1. Budget/Time, #1 what is the budget?
    • Sites like Oriental Trading, Parties For Less are the top money expenditures as you always need to have some sort of decoration and party favors to keep guests entertained (more to come later).
    • But what you are willing to spend on food, event space and decorations should also be considered. (Baby Showers tend to be $200 for 10 guests)
    • When is the event? I would suggest at least booking and setting up for the event a month ahead of time. If you like to online shop like me for your decorations and catering orders, a month time frame is plenty of time! Plus invites and allowing enough time for guests to respond.
  2. Registries/Event Planning. Where does the host want to be registered (baby and wedding)
    • Baby Registries:
      • If there is a baby registry at several places, I would highly encourage Baby List where it is a one stop shop for your guests and you can even set up a college fund for the baby.
      • Target offers an in store method and online method for registry items and whatever is leftover they offer a 15% discount within 2 weeks I believe of the due date and after.
      • Everyone likes Amazon, so I am adding that here! Just keep in mind timing as most items have to be delivered and unless you have Prime your delivery window is 5-7 business days
    • Wedding Registries:
    • Place? If you have it at your house that would be the cheapest alternative. However if you go with event planning places I would highly recommend Yelp and Google Reviews in your area. Make sure to focus on cost, space, and day of the event support such as wait staff and service
  3. Setting up invites! Think of whom you are inviting…
    • Does the majority of your invitees come from Facebook? Then I would suggest FB invites/events
    • Do you have a 50/50 invitee with FB and email? Do you have their email addresses? Evites is a great resource as invites can be sent electronically and come with a vast majority of designs and RSVP notifications
    • Make sure you have an RSVP by date! What I learned is that it is always better to have this general number for food and event planning.
  4. Decorations
    • I told you I would bring back the budget.. Decorations are key for the day of the event. I would make sure you include this in your budget as they can cost anywhere from $50-200
    • Places I suggest:
      • Dollar Tree (you can find pretty much anything here to include balloons for a $1 each)
        • Balloons: if you are planning on having 30 or more balloons then I would suggest a small helium tank, otherwise I would suggest just going to the dollar store to have balloons made and inflated
      • Oriental Trading -party favors/party decorations 
        • I really liked this site for all the decorations and themes. They had some unique ideas for decor to include a guestbook that was mainly a posterboard for hanging up in the baby’s room.
      • Party City-party favors/party decorations
  5. Food (if applicable)
    • If you have an event space with food included then move to the next bullet point. Otherwise, do some serious shopping and thinking about your host and guests. Are they vegetarian? Do they have food allergies? Children coming? If so, I would again highly encourage Google Reviews and Yelp when it comes to catering. I would also ask your host what type of food they would like to have at their event?
      • Search on Google: Catering Near Me
      • Bakery for the Cake? Sam’s Club, Costco, local bakery
  6. Setting up Time for Party Favors and Decoration Layout
    • This step is key! Once you receive your decorations in the mail or if you have a day you plan on going in person, make time for laying out how you want your decorations as well as making sure you have tape, pens, etc. Also, party favors, some assembly required.
  7. Day of the Event!
    • Make sure you have everything! Phone charged if using your cell phone to take photos (seems simple enough however, friendly reminder)
    • Plan your day accordingly. If you ordered catering, when can you pick it up or will it be delivered?
    • When are guests showing up, take into account if throwing a surprise party I would have the guests arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than the hostess.
    • Have Fun!

*I am not endorsed for anything in this article in terms of suggestions as well as I am not a party planner but have hosted enough events for my friends to learn from my past mistakes*

If you would like to see my most recent event I planned: Dave & Busters: Event Planning

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